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Help is Available if Gambling is Affecting Your Life

If gambling has affected your life, you are not alone. But there is help and hope available! Gambling addiction has devastating consequences, but people can and do recover from it.

California offers a wide variety of resources for treatment and prevention – most of them at no cost to you! For more information about how you can get help, please call 1-800-GAMBLER (426-2537) or click on one of the links below for more information about problem gambling.

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Helpline – Call, Text & Chat

Free and confidential! Speak to a master’s-level counselor 24/7/365 with support for 200+ languages.

Call 1-800-GAMBLER

Gambling Counselors/Therapists

Get help from a certified gambling counselor or licensed therapist in/near your city for either the gambler or affected individual. Treatment is usually available at no cost to you!

Residential Treatment Facilities

State-funded no-cost inpatient treatment program where you will live in a residential facility and receive around-the-clock care.

Gambling addiction can affect anyone!

Gambling is considered a hidden disease because there are few outward signs that someone has been gambling. If you’re worried that you, or someone you know, has been gambling too much, or simply want to learn more about this devastating disease, you can find more information below.

Problem Gamblers

If your gambling is causing any problems for you, there is reliable help available at no cost to you.

Affected Families

Worried that someone you care for is being harmed by their gambling? There is help for both of you!

Impacted Youth

Gambling early in life can cause significant problems now, and increase the risk of developing problems later.

Treatment Professionals

Resources and training for counselors/therapists to treat problem gamblers and their loved ones.

Gamble Responsibly

Knowing the odds and following some basic guidelines can reduce your risk of developing a problem.

Other CCPG Websites

www.calpg.online - Earn problem-gambling related continuing education online through live webinars.

www.howtoexclude.org - Find out more about the self-exclusion programs near you.

The Council exists to help those affected by problem gambling, and is neither for nor against legalized gambling.

Our Programs

  • Continuing Education Classes
  • Gambling Counselor Certification (CCGC)
  • Gambling Establishment Certification (RGC)
  • Gambling and Law Enforcement Employee Training
  • Responsible Gaming Consultation
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Community Outreach
Problem Gambling Online Learning
Gaming Industry Certification

Helping someone in need is the most satisfying feeling in this world.

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The Council would not exist without the generous, voluntary contributions of our supporters! We offer our sincerest and most heartfelt, “Thank you!” to our supporters, who assist us in our mission of helping addicted gamblers and their families throughout California. As a non-profit organization, funding has been hard, but with loyal contributors that also know the cause, it helps to keep helping others in need here in California.

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As a non-profit, we rely on voluntary contributions. Thank you for your support!